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Our Story

​We are very excited to serve the growing community of Schomberg. Earlier on the planning stage of this project, we have it in mind to pay homage to this historically beautiful town therefore naming it: Schomberg Village Pharmacy.

Cristina and Anna are both born, raised and licensed Pharmacists in the Philippines. Moving to Canada by chance almost the same time in early years of 2000. Pursuing the common goal of becoming registered Pharmacists in Ontario had brought the friendship together. Briefly pursued different life and career paths after finishing the bridging program, International Pharmacy Graduate Program at the University of Toronto.

Fast forward to 2016, Kingsgate Plaza presented an opportunity for a strategic location to a retail front. At that moment both had accumulated 30 years of successful pharmacy retail business and management experience. Cristina continues to effectively operate three other independent pharmacy stores in Angus, Orillia and Innisfil along with Schomberg Village Pharmacy. Anna departs from corporate store management prior to joining, in which she brings in efficient operation organization learned from the diversity of town assignments and workflow sizes.

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